Maine Maritime Museum

United States (d. Wiscasset May 16, 1810 - a. Wiscasset)

Vessel: United States
Voyage Type: Merchant
Departure Date: May 16, 1810
Arrival Date:
Port of Departure: Wiscasset, ME - USA
Port of Arrival: Wiscasset, ME - USA
Captain: Francis Rittal


Voyage Wiscasset to Liverpool to Boston to Wiscasset


NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Gamage, Josh
Gove, James
Holden, Joel
Holden, Moody
Houdlette, Francis
McIntire, James
Pushord, Peter
Rittal, Francis Dresden, ME - USAUSA
Rittal, James
Stewart, Dick
Sweet, John
Trask, Oba
Willson, Hubert
Wylee, Robert


Account Book Entry - Dec. 1, 1810 -- United States (d. Wiscasset May 16, 1810 - a. Wiscasset)MS-243 b1

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