Maine Maritime Museum


Rig/class: Ship
Year Built: 1850
Official Number:




NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Abias, Harrison F.
Adan, Charles
Alexander, M.
Allen, Charles
Austin, Joseph
Bachelder, E.
Bair, Isaac H.1834USA
Bam, George
Banford, James
Barns, William
Baumer, William
Benson, Joseph
Bias, Joseph
Brown, David W.
Brown, John O.
Brown, S.
Brown, Serel
Brown, William 1844Liverpool, England
Butler, William H.1824USA
Calvin, John
Cameron, John 1835Glasgow, Scotland
Camp, John
Cassidy, John 1821
Champier, E. A.1819USA
Clark, James 1816Maine
Colber, James
Collins, John
Cooper, I.
Cooper, Thomas A.1819USA
Daly, Henry
Davise, James
Deitte, Charles
Dennis, Rich 1834Baltimore, MD - USABaltimore, MD - USAUSA
Dennis, Rich Baltimore, MD - USA
Dewson, W.
Dewson, W. R.
Dewson, William
Doharty, Jhon 1820Donegal
Doyle, William
Dwinl, James
Dwyer, Ian
Elliot, George 1828New York, USANew York, USAUSA
Ellis, George New York, USA
Enight, Lynal G.
Enight, Lynd G.
Feeling, Philip N. Y.1821
Figgoa, Henry
Fish, James
Fitzqualor, Thomas
Foot, Constant Q.
Francis, Antonio
Frenck, James
Fritze, Antoine
Frosh, P.
Galespie, J. M.
Galespie, Joseph
Gibbs, George W.
Gilmore, David
Goberson, Roger
Goodday, William 1834Newington
Goodwin, James P.
Green, Peter
Griffin, Joseph
Griffith, M.
Grimley, Bernard
Haley, James 1805USA
Hanrahan, Patrick
Hanrihan, Patrick
Hanson, John Sweden
Hanson, M. 1832SwedenNew York, USASweden
Hathaway, William
Hibl, Henry A.
Hill, Cornelius 1820USA
Hodges, Izk
Hogland, Daniel
Holam, Daniel
Hopkins, William
Jackson, John 1809Baltimore, MD - USA
Jewett, L. E. A.
Johnson, George
Johnson, Simon 1827USA
Jones, John 1850England
Jones, John H.1818USA
Jones, Richard 1809USA
Jones, Thomas
Keyes, Edward
King, James 1832USA
Knight, Syrel
Lakeman, Ebenezer
Lang, Joseph
Langford, James
Leach, Robert
Leonard, Solon
Lewis, William H.1830USA
Linan, Washington
Little, John
Lowell, Waldo F.
Maris, William
Mars, William
Mavis, William
McDonald, David 1826Dundee
McMullen, William
Mears, William
Mill, T.
Millar, Andrew Trieste
Miller, Andrew 1822TriesteItalyItaly
Mitchfield, James
Moore, Thomas
Moran, Thomas
Morey, Daniel F.
Morse, Albion H.
Morse, Robert F.
Muller, J 1835New York, USA
Murray, James 1832
Newton, Thomas
Niason, Thomas
Page, John W.
Paterson, H. R.
Patten, James
Pattersen, Hugh R.
Pattersen, M. R.
Patterson, A. A.
Patterson, Hugh R.
Pote, J. H.
Pringle, William 1831New York, USAUSA
Pringley, William
Prinley, William
Randall, James
Reed, James Portland, ME - USAPortland, ME - USAUSA
Reed, James 1831Prussia, PrussiaBoston, MA - USAUSA
Reed, James Portland, ME - USA
Robinson, Henry 1814USA
Rose, Samuel 1832USA
Sanford, James
Santos, Michael
Saunders, P.
Schultz, F. P.
Shelton, Prentiss
Sheriff, William
Simpson, Andrew
Smith, John James1833Boston, MA - USA
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Peter 1822SwedenNew York, USASweden
Smith, Peter New York, USA
Smith, William 1843Ireland
Spicer, William
Spicy, John W.1822USA
Sprima, Thomas
Steiner, Charles 1839GermanyNew York, USAUSA
Steiner, Charles New York, USA
Stuart, John
Sutierre, Francisco
Tage, Benj
Thompson , Alex
Thompson, Charles 1839
Thompson, Jemes 1832Liverpool, England
Thompson, Solomon 1824USA
Tompkins, Richard 1834USA
Turk, James
Tusk, James
Wallace, D.
Wallace, Daniel
Wallace, Paul
Wallis, William
Welsh, Nicholas
Wheaton, John H.
White, George
White, Henry
White, James 1833SwedenNew York, USAUSA
White, Jno. New York, USA
White, John
Whitman, Alex
Whitney, Thomas
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, John 1815USA
Williams, Robert
Wilson, Charles 1828New York, USA
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, Henry 1840Pittsfield, MA - USA
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, John 1859Jonesport, ME - USAJonesport, ME - USAUSA
Wilson, John 1819
Woodworth, Ira
Wright, Isaac New York, USA
Wright, J. 1834NorwayNew York, USAUSA


Articles of Agreement - Jan. 4, 1851 -- Adriatic (d. New Orleans - a. Liverpool)MS-22 b220f13
Articles of Agreement - Mar. 29, 1851 -- Adriatic (d. Liverpool - a. New York)MS-22 b220f13
Articles of Agreement - Oct. 3, 1853 -- Adriatic (d. Philadelphia - a. New Orleans)MS-22 b220f13
Articles of Agreement - Mar. 1, 1854 -- Adriatic (d. New Orleans - a. Liverpool)MS-22 b220f13
Articles of Agreement - May 22, 1854 -- Adriatic (d. Liverpool - a. New York)MS-22 b220f13
Articles of Agreement - Aug. 22, 1855 -- Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Buenos Aires)MS-22 b220f14
Articles of Agreement - Aug. 10, 1855 -- Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Bordeaux)MS-22 b220f14
Articles of Agreement - May 31, 1856 -- Adriatic (d. Montevideo )MS-22 b220f14
Articles of Agreement - Oct. 21, 1856 -- Adriatic (d. Calcutta - a. Bordeaux)MS-22 b220f14
Consular Certificate - June 19, 1856 -- Adriatic (d. Montevideo )MS-22 b220f14
Consular Certificate - June 19, 1856 -- Adriatic ( - a. Montevideo)MS-22 b220f14
Disbursements Account - May 24, 1851 -- Adriatic (d. New York - a. New Orleans)MS-22 b219f19
Disbursements Account - Aug. 30, 1855 -- Adriatic (d. Boston Aug. 30, 1855 - a. Calcutta)MS-22 b220f7
Disbursements Account - Apr. 3, 1857 -- Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Bordeaux)MS-22 b220f14
Disbursements Account - Aug. 25, 1855 -- Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Calcutta)MS-22 b220f14
Letter - Oct. 17, 1853 -- Adriatic (d. Philadelphia Oct. 17, 1853 - a. Liverpool)MS-22 b219f8
Protest - Jan. 16, 1856 -- Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Buenos Aires)MS-22 b220f16
Receipt - Oct. 18, 1856 -- Adriatic (d. Boston Aug. 30, 1855 - a. Calcutta)MS-22 b220f8
Receipt - Dec. 1, 1851 -- Adriatic (d. Bordeaux )MS-22 b220f13
Receipt - Mar. 6, 1854 -- Adriatic ( - a. New Orleans)MS-22 b220f13


VoyageVoyage TypeCaptain
Adriatic (d. Philadelphia Oct. 17, 1853 - a. Liverpool)MerchantRobert Jack
Adriatic (d. New York - a. New Orleans)None
Adriatic (d. Boston Aug. 30, 1855 - a. Calcutta)MerchantAlbert Jewett
Adriatic (d. Bordeaux )MerchantThomas Snow
Adriatic ( - a. New Orleans)Merchant
Adriatic (d. New Orleans - a. Liverpool)MerchantJ. H. Lowell
Adriatic (d. Liverpool - a. New York)Merchant
Adriatic (d. Philadelphia - a. New Orleans)MerchantRobert Jack
Adriatic (d. New Orleans - a. Liverpool)MerchantRobert jack
Adriatic (d. Liverpool - a. New York)MerchantRobert Jack
Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Buenos Aires)MerchantA. Jewett
Adriatic (d. Montevideo )MerchantAlbert Jewett
Adriatic ( - a. Montevideo)MerchantAlbert Jewett
Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Bordeaux)MerchantAlbert Jewett
Adriatic (d. Montevideo )MerchantAlbert Jewett
Adriatic (d. Calcutta - a. Bordeaux)MerchantAlbert Jewett
Adriatic (d. Boston - a. Calcutta)Merchant

The information given in this database is entered here as it is on the document or documents in the Maine Maritime Museum collections. The spelling of the mariner’s name may be wrong, the arithmetic may be wrong, and some descriptions may be thoughtless or not politically correct, but they are shown as found. We have attempted to standardize the names and descriptions of vessels and the spelling of place names. We have tried to include in notes fields important information that does not fit in the standard fields.